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>> Sunday, May 17, 2020

Downtown Las Vistas

Welcome to Las Vistas, the city that sets the stage for the story of Life, Love, & Lies. Here you can discover the many sections of this thriving metropolis, take a peek into the private lives of it's residents, and find out the best places to see and be seen. This guide is the key to the ins and outs of the most intricate, yet most unsung character in this story; the city of Las Vistas.


Established in 1883, Las Vistas was founded by Richard Amos and Diego Monacco. They stumbled across the beautiful swath of land nestled in the sprawling San Yisidro Valley,while scouting out a location to cultivate a rock quarry. One look at the beautiful views of red rocks to the north and blue sea to the south squashed their small time rock mining dreams and set the course for the small settlement they created to develop into, what is today, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Climate: Subtropical - arid

Commerce/Economy: Monacco Shipping International (MSI); Carlyle Financial Group; Mirage Media Entertainment Group (includes the Mirage movie studio, Hush Magazine, and the Stacked Modeling Agency; The Las Vistas Sun (local news paper); Carlyle Memorial Hospital.

Crime: Ranked #18 among major cities in violent crime and #11 for narcotics related criminal activity. There is a strong organized crime presence in Las Vistas, chiefly controlled by three rival gangs. While crime in general is at a record low, violent and drug related crimes are on the rise again.

Education: Sagebrush County Public Schools are ranked #2 in the state with heavy a heavy concentration on math, science, and a top rate arts and enrichment program. San Ysidro University and Las Vistas Community College are also top rated institutions that find their home in this city.

Population: 812, 982 in the entire Las Vistas Metro area

Sports Teams: Las Vistas Long Horns (football); Las Vistas Avengers (basketball)


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